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CINTROPUR NW500 vandens filtras (2'')

Gamintojas: CINTROPUR
Prekės kodas: FWCCNW500
Šāda kombinācija neeksistē
263.00 275.00
318.23 332.75

CINTROPUR NW500 water filters are made entirely from first quality synthetic material. CINTROPUR filters are perfectly suitable for food products and drinking water. The CINTROPUR vane transforms the liquid flow into a centrifugal spin by throwing the larger particles down into the lower bowl, according to the chosen filter sleeve micron-size.


  • INDUSTRY -  Protection of sanitary fittings and machine tools.
  • AGRICULTURE -  Filtration of watering (spraying) installations; Filtration of water for animals; Filtration of rainwater and well water.
  • GROUPS - (hotels, restaurants, schools, buildings, …) protection of the sanitary installations and all electrical / domestic appliances.


  • High and constant flow rate
  • Low pressure drop
  • Centrifugal prefiltration with a cyclonal effect
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Fast and easy flushing out
  • Permanent visual control of the filter sleeve (transparent bowl)
  • Exclusive system, ecological and not expensive (filter sleeves)


  • CINTROPUR NW500 water filter with a 25 micron filter sleeve and 2'' flanges for connecting incoming and outgoing water
  • CENTRIFUGAL VANE It creates a cyclonic effect on the intake water flow which precipitates the large particles at the bottom of the filter bowl. ·
  • PRESSURE GAUGES 0-20 BAR 1/4“ Model with glycerin. Indicate the system pressure. Filter sleeves are to be changed at ΔP of 2 bar or at least 3 times a year. ·
  • DRAIN VALVE Allows to evacuate the impurities deposited on the bottom of the bowl as a result of the cyclonic action of the centrifugal vane.

Stainless steel wall fixation element is not included. Stainless steel wall fixation element is to be attached to the filter head with two locking nuts.

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Technical data

Connection diameter


Average flow rate  (m3/st)


Maximum operating temperature (to C)


Weight (Kg)


Standard filter element fineness (µ)


Standard filter element fineness (cm2)


Filtration area (bar)



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